The Perfect Day For Me Would Be

stevenA perfect day for me would be, If I would wake up early like at around 8:00AM. And I would rush down the stairs really fast and eat my breakfast. Right after breakfast I would invite my friends to go play ice hockey from 9:00 to 11:00. So we went to play hockey and we played a big game and it was really fun. Then after ice hockey my three friends and I went to go eat at my favorite fast food restaurant which is Subway.

In the afternoon my friends and I decided to spend the full day together! So my dad bought 5 tickets to go to the water park for 5 full hours!!!! So my friends and I went on all the slides. And now it is 5 hours later and we just arrived home. When we got home my dad found 5 Montreal Canadians hockey tickets. Thankfully all my 3 friends enjoy watching hockey so we got ready for the game. So we once Continue reading

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